Released last year, OR-MEP’s resident education resources offer tangible ways property managers can encourage energy efficiency at their properties. Looking for new ways to connect with your residents? Consider implementing or sharing out some of our resources:

Resident Energy Saving Competition

The Resident Energy Savings Competition guide is a how-to resource for property managers to host friendly competitions for residents. The guide walks managers through five steps of the competition: set-up and announcement, savings workshop, encouraging resident participation, check-in workshop, and celebration.

Download the Resident Energy Savings Competition today (available in English and Spanish).


Savings That Count Fact Sheet

The Savings That Count fact sheet provides an apartment layout that residents can explore to discover opportunities to save energy and money.

Download the Savings That Count fact sheet today (available in English and Spanish).


Children’s Activity Booklet

The Children’s Activity Sheet is designed to teach a younger audience (ages 6-10) about energy efficiency. This sheet introduces children to energy saving practices through fun games and activities.

Download the Children’s Activity Sheet today (available in English and Spanish).


How to Use Pacific Power’s Energy Usage Function

This how-to guide is designed to help Pacific Power customers utilize the Energy Usage function within their online Pacific Power account.

Download How to Use Pacific Power’s Energy Usage Function today (available in English and Spanish).


How to Use Portland General Electric’s Energy Tracker

How to Use Portland General Electric’s Energy Tracker is a guide designed for Portland General Electric customers to utilize Energy Tracker, a tool that enables customers to learn about the energy usage in their residences.

Download the How to Use Portland General Electric’s Energy Tracker guide today (available in English and Spanish).


All resident education resources can be accessed through OR-MEP’s site.