DEI Coalition

Learn about the OR-MEP Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Coalition

OR-MEP is committed to equitably serving the people of Oregon and disrupting systems that maintain inequality, within the energy industry and beyond. The OR-MEP DEI Coalition will recommend and influence changes to the OR-MEP program to make it more accessible to all, especially customers with the greatest need who have not benefitted from the program.

Coalition members represent diverse backgrounds and experiences, including:

  • Affordable Housing Property Manager or Owner

  • Resident/Community Member

  • Community-Based Organization Representative

  • Community or Public Health Worker

  • Affordable Housing Finance Specialist

  • Workforce Development Specialist

  • Energy Industry Professional

OR-MEP is not currently recruiting members for the DEI Coalition, but you can find more information about the application and selection process on our “How to Get Involved” page.


Quinn Parker


Sepideh Rezania Headshot

Sepideh Rezania


Coalition Members

Cynthia Aguilar-Arizmendi

Mohanad Alnajjar Headshot

Mohanad Alnajjar

Ellen Bolus-Edmonds Headshot

Ellen Bolus-Edmonds

Brenda Brown

Paula J. Brown

Esteban Montero Chacon

Greg Delgado

Thomas Eldridge Headshot

Thomas Eldridge

Jiselle Halfmoon

Kwame Kinabo

Jamani LaShawn

Robin Smith

Previous Coalition Members

Thank you to our previous Coalition members for contributing to where we are today.

Stepha Dragoon Headshot

Stepha Dragoon

Isaiah Kamrar Headshot

Isaiah Kamrar

James Metoyer Headshot

James Metoyer

Natalie Thornton Headshot

Natalie Thornton