The OR-MEP team developed a series of resident education pieces for property managers to implement at their properties to help residents reduce energy use. These resources are designed to raise awareness about energy efficiency in a practical and relatable format. View the resources below:

Resident Energy Savings Competition: The Resident Energy Savings Competition guide is a how-to resource for property managers to use to host a competition at their properties. The guide walks managers through five steps of the competition: set-up and announcement, plug load savings workshop, encouraging resident participation, check-in workshop, and celebration.

Children’s Activity Booklet: This booklet is designed to introduce children to energy saving practices through fun games and activities. Activities include a word search, crossword puzzle, coloring page, and more.

Savings That Count Fact Sheet: This resource is designed as a reference for residents who are looking to save energy at home. This document outlines a typical unit and calls out energy saving tips and features that residents can implement.

How to Use Portland General Electric’s Energy Tracker: This how-to guide is designed for Portland General Electric customers to utilize Energy Tracker. The guide walks users through what Energy Tracker is, how to log in, how to navigate the site, and specific considerations to keep in mind when thinking about energy efficiency.

How to Use Pacific Power’s Energy Usage Function: This how-to guide is designed for Pacific Power customers to utilize the Energy Usage function on their online Pacific Power account. This guide walks users through what the Energy Usage function is, how to log in, how to navigate the site, and how to view and interpret energy usage.