Beat the Heat this Summer

As the temperature increases this summer, help residents stay cool and reduce electric bills with these low-cost to no-cost energy saving tips. Reduce appliance usage to stay cool. Grill outdoors. Save energy by firing up the grill outdoors or prepare meals that don't require cooking. Only run dishwashers or washing machines when they’re full. Unplug … Continue reading Beat the Heat this Summer

A Guide to Healthier Upgrade Materials

The material selection process for energy efficient upgrades in affordable multifamily projects often prioritizes cost, durability, and aesthetics. However, the content of materials and influence they can have on occupant health must also be considered. In the United States chemicals are considered safe until proven otherwise, and not all manufacturers disclose the full chemical content … Continue reading A Guide to Healthier Upgrade Materials

Oregon’s 10 Year Plan to Reduce the Energy Burden

Pursuant to Governor Brown’s Executive Order No. 17-20 and in partnership with the Department of Energy and the Public Utility Commission, OHCS created a 10-year plan to reduce energy burden and improve energy efficiency in affordable housing across the state. The plan, which is accompanied by an interactive assessment of energy use in affordable housing, … Continue reading Oregon’s 10 Year Plan to Reduce the Energy Burden

New Construction Envelope Bundle

This month the Multifamily Energy Program is highlighting the New Construction Envelope Bundle. Improved building envelopes have multiple benefits for both building owners and occupants. For building owners and developers, an improved envelope can lead to longer life cycles for the building and an overall more durable structure that is less likely to be vulnerable … Continue reading New Construction Envelope Bundle

New Construction & Existing Building DHW Bundle

Water heating is now the second largest residential energy user, with space heating being the largest. More than 40% of U.S. households provide domestic hot water using electric resistance storage water heaters. A significant opportunity exists to improve water-heating energy efficiency in these households through the use of heat pump water heaters (HPWHs), which offer … Continue reading New Construction & Existing Building DHW Bundle

New Construction & Existing Building Lighting Bundle

Efficient LED lighting have numerous benefits including high energy savings, reduced electricity cost, and a longer lifespan compared to incandescent bulbs. But they also have the added benefit of keeping your home cool during the summer. It’s been a record hot summer in Oregon this year, and any relief from the heat is welcome, so … Continue reading New Construction & Existing Building Lighting Bundle

New Construction HVAC

During National Healthy Homes Month, we’re highlighting the new construction HVAC Bundle, which promotes better indoor air quality with efficient ventilation strategies through the following two measures: Balanced Ventilation systems supply fresh air to living areas while exhausting stale air at an equal, balanced rate resulting in improved air quality. The fresh filtered air supplied … Continue reading New Construction HVAC