LED light

Efficient LED lighting have numerous benefits including high energy savings, reduced electricity cost, and a longer lifespan compared to incandescent bulbs. But they also have the added benefit of keeping your home cool during the summer. It’s been a record hot summer in Oregon this year, and any relief from the heat is welcome, so consider beating the heat with LED lighting.

A common misconception is LED bulbs do not generate any heat and are cool to the touch. While LEDs will generate heat, it will be a fraction of that compared to traditional incandescent bulbs. According to the US Department of Energy, LEDs emit very little heat. In contrast, incandescent bulbs release 90% of their energy as heat, and CFLs release about 80% of their energy as heat. In addition to keeping your home cool during the summer, the reduced heat output from LEDs also help to reduce your electrical bills in the summer months by reducing your need for air conditioning.

Learn more about LED lighting from the Department of Energy and ENERGY STAR.

The Multifamily Energy Program’s Existing Building – Lighting Bundle and New Construction – Appliance and Lighting Bundle promotes the installation of LED lighting within apartment units, common area, and exterior fixtures attached to the building. Learn more about these program bundles in the Program Manual.