As we see more OR-MEP project completions come through, the OR-MEP team wants to share a few reminders on the verification and completion process. These tips will help our team process your project’s verification submittal smoothly to ensure that you can receive your project’s final incentives quickly. If you have any questions on the submittal process, contact your project’s OR-MEP Energy Advisor.

Note: In response to concerns related to COVID-19, OHCS interim policies impacting onsite activities, including onsite verification, for the Oregon Multifamily Energy Program remain in place. Please review the Technical Advisory issued on March 20, 2020. 

Before Construction

  • Review the OR-MEP incentive reservation letter and approved Energy Efficiency Plan for your project with key project team members, including the energy consultant, architect, and general contractor. Confirm energy efficiency measures are included in design to meet specifications outlined in the incentive reservation letter. Remember any changes in scope of work may lower the final incentive or cause your project to fall out of compliance with the program. To ensure continued energy performance compliance, please notify your OR-MEP Energy Advisor of any changes made to the scope of work.
  • Make sure you have a plan to collect all required verification documents at construction completion. An independent third party, such as an energy consultant or architect, must complete the verification. These documents vary depending on participation pathway and may include, but are not limited to, the following:
    • Measure Verification Form: An independent third party must complete this program form to certify energy measures have been installed according to program specification in order to request eligible incentives.
    • Photos (post-install conditions): Projects must submit photos of all installed measures. Photos should clearly show equipment name plates, make/model number, levels of insulation, etc. Photos may be submitted via this Verification Photo Template.
    • Invoices: Projects must submit invoices detailing total cost of the installed measures. Total measure costs must be greater than the project’s eligible incentive.
    • Energy Efficiency Plan (EEP): An updated EEP workbook is required if there has been a change in project scope impacting the energy savings.
    • Energy Model (Whole Building Pathway Only): An updated energy model is required if there has been a change in project scope impacting the energy savings.

During Construction

  • Collect all photos at the appropriate time during construction.
    • For envelope measures, such as wall and roof insulation, remember to capture photos of insulation, including type and thickness, before they are covered with drywall or other materials.
    • For windows, capture photos of window labels that include U-value and SHGC value for each unique window type before labels are removed.
    • If air sealing is proposed, be sure to capture photos of air sealing upgrades. See the Verification Photo Template for examples of air sealing photo conditions to capture.
    • For all equipment, such as heating and cooling equipment and appliances, capture clear photos of the equipment label with make and model number legible.
  • If there are changes in scope of work discovered at construction, please inform your OR-MEP Energy Advisor, who can assess how the change will impact eligible incentives and submittal requirement updates, including the Energy Efficiency Plan and energy models.

At Construction Completion

  • Submit all required verification submittal documents to your OR-MEP Energy Advisor. Organize and name each file clearly and annotate any additional supporting documents so the reason for submission is clear to the OR-MEP Energy Advisor.

Questions? Our team is happy to address them by email or call us at 503.505.6787.