The Oregon Multifamily Energy Program (OR-MEP) debuted its new Incentives at a Glance booklet for menu, bundled and whole building incentives. The booklet is designed to provide interested participants a look at incentive dollars for all measure categories.

Quickly learn program eligibility requirements, explore program pathways, discover incentive measures and follow the steps to receiving incentives. The booklet is broken down by pathways, covering existing building and new construction program incentives. Menu and bundled incentives are easily identified, and participants can gain a basic understanding of measure requirements to qualify. Participants can also view incentive dollar amounts for each qualifying measure. Whole building path incentives are broken down by tiers in relation to kilowatt hour savings (over code or existing conditions) — starting at 20 percent and rising to 30 percent savings.

Explore the new Incentives at a Glance booklet and discover the pathway that best suits your project needs. The incentives booklet is the ideal way to become acquainted with OR-MEP offerings.

Take advantage of OR-MEP incentives, submit an interest form or call us at 503.505.6787 to learn more about our program offerings.