The OHCS Multifamily Energy Program is pleased share the following program updates to the Program Manual – effective September 3, 2019 – to better serve owners and developers of affordable multifamily properties through improved program flexibility, increased incentives, and additional measure offerings. These updates reflect the program’s response to direct feedback from participants and focus on addressing participation barriers. Visit our program website for updates.

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Existing Buildings Menu Path now requires a minimum of one measure instead of two.

Existing Building Measure Menu* updated as follows:

  • Existing Measures Revised:
    • Windows: Minimum efficiency requirement updated to allow for double-pane window replacements, in addition to single-pane windows.
    • Measure Points: Points available per unit for the following measures have increased to result in higher incentives for these measures and offset more of the equipment and installation costs:
      • Windows
      • Ductless Heat Pump
      • Packaged Terminal Heat Pump
      • Smart Thermostat
  • New Measures Added:
    • Low-E Storm Windows
    • Wall Insulation
    • Thermostatic Shower Restriction Valve

*Applicable to both Existing Buildings Menu Path and Existing Buildings Bundled Path.


New Construction Measure Menu** was added and incorporates all measures previously included in the New Construction Bundled Path.

**Applicable to both New Construction Menu Path and New Construction Bundled Path.

With the addition of the New Construction Measure Menu, the revised New Construction Menu Path requirement is as follows:

  • “Participants must choose at least two energy efficiency upgrades to qualify for Menu Path incentives.”

New Construction bundles have been updated to include a Build Your Own Bundle (BYOB)” option with following requirement:

  • “Choose at least three measures in two different measure categories from New Construction Measure Menu.”