Discover the latest project completions that received OR-MEP funding. These two projects, one new construction and one existing building, strive for energy efficiency and result in lower utility bills for residents.

Chelsea Gardens

A 42-unit new construction project in Portland from Trillium House Warrenton LLP that followed the OR-MEP Bundled Path. 

  • Total kWh Savings: 136,960 kWh

  • Completed Incentive: $38,486

  • Location: Warrenton

Warm Springs LIHTC #2

A 14-unit existing building project in Warm Springs from Warm Springs Housing Authority that followed the OR-MEP Whole Building Path. 

  • Total kWh Savings: 105,916 kWh

  • Completed Incentive: $72,730

  • Location: Warm Springs