Updated March 2023

In response to questions about the program waitlist, OR-MEP has developed the following set of FAQs. Please contact us with any additional questions or reach out to your Energy Advisor.

Why is OR-MEP establishing a process for prioritizing waitlist projects?
The number of projects has grown significantly since the OR-MEP waitlist began in 2020. Currently, there are more projects on the waitlist than OR-MEP funding will be able to serve. OR-MEP is committed to doing our part to disrupt systems that perpetuate inequality. We are actively working with the OR-MEP DEI Coalition to establish a process for prioritizing waitlisted projects. The new process will help OR-MEP equitably support all communities and customers.

What is the likelihood of my project being selected for funding?
OR-MEP cannot guarantee funding for waitlisted projects. We anticipate releasing a new program manual and enrollment process by end of May 2023, which will include more information about how we will serve projects from the waitlist. Until then, we cannot provide information about the likelihood of your project receiving funding.

When will the prioritization framework and updated program rules be available for public comment?
We expect to provide this new framework and updated program rules, including Menu and Bundled Path options, for public comment by end of May 2023. Public comments will be open for at least 30 days.

When will OR-MEP start serving projects from the waitlist?
After the public comment period, the OR-MEP team will contact all waitlisted projects to gather additional information. At that time, we will provide the finalized framework for how we will serve waitlisted projects.

How many projects will OR-MEP serve from the waitlist?
OR-MEP will serve projects in batches over the next five years. The volume of projects OR-MEP can serve depends on program funding availability. Based on current funds available for the next five years, we anticipate serving about 100 projects, equivalent to about 20 projects per year.

Please note that there are more projects on the waitlist than OR-MEP funding can serve. Currently, the OR-MEP waitlist is at 100 projects. Given the volume of projects relative to funds available, the program will be more competitive and we likely will not be able to serve each project on the waitlist.

Should I try to meet OR-MEP requirements now for my waitlisted project in case it’s selected for funding?
We understand that some projects may begin work before they receive OR-MEP incentive reservations. Please note that if you choose to incorporate energy-efficient measures now, we cannot guarantee incentives for those measures. However, we will be flexible with program requirements (e.g., photos, sampling requirements, etc.). Our team will work closely with you to accommodate projects that already underway once selected for funding.

If my waitlisted project is selected for funding but has already reached a certain stage of construction, will OR-MEP still serve my project?
If a project that is already in construction is selected for funding, OR-MEP can still serve the project if energy efficiency measures incorporated are eligible for OR-MEP incentives and meet the minimum efficiency requirements. We cannot incentivize any measures that do not meet OR-MEP requirements.

My project is supposed to complete construction soon and I cannot wait for OR-MEP funding. What should I do?
If your project is on the OR-MEP waitlist and is completing soon or cannot wait to receive OR-MEP funding, we encourage you to apply for incentives from either the Energy Trust of Oregon Existing Buildings or New Buildings programs. The contact information for both programs is listed below.