Sepideh Rezania Headshot

OR-MEP Role: OR-MEP DEI Coalition Co-Facilitator

What motivates you in this role? The genuine empowerment given to the Coalition to co-create an equitable solution for OR-MEP, and the opportunity given to me to learn from this great team along the way. It is a true honour.

What excites you most about the Multifamily Energy Program? The OR-MEP team recognizes that energy efficiency for affordable housing in and of itself is not addressing or overcoming structural racism or inequities and that we need to re-adjust the program design. I am also humbled by the team’s thirst to become more self-aware and to break out of the status quo in a graceful and professional way.

What is one fun fact about you that you think people would love to know? I received my high school degree in Colombo, Sri Lanka, my bachelor’s degree in Portland, Oregon, and my master’s degree in Toronto, Canada. I am from none of these countries. I am originally from Iran and lived in Shiraz, where the Shiraz grape comes from!

What is your favorite place that you’ve traveled to in Oregon? After settling on a farm in North Plains for 17 years, I decided that my favourite place to travel in Oregon is our very own backyard forest. There is always something new to discover and learn about the ecosystem. I certainly miss it!