2021 Highlights
As we near the end of 2021, take a look at OR-MEP’s reach across Oregon since the program launched in 2018 via the newly published project map featuring enrolled and completed projects. View additional details by hovering over each circle.

Since the program launched in 2018, OR-MEP has reserved over $12 million in incentives. To date, 29 projects have completed construction, with 65 projects enrolled and in construction.

In 2021, with all program funding fully reserved, we continued implementing a waitlist to work with new projects interested in OR-MEP while waiting for new funds to become available. We were ecstatic when the summer legislative session resulted in the passing of HB 3141, which extended funding of the Public Purpose Charge, which funds energy efficiency programs like OR-MEP through 2036.

What’s to Come in 2022?
With the passing of HB 3141, we expect to begin serving projects on the waitlist no later than July 1, 2022. Stay tuned for more details to come closer to that time as we reengage with projects on the waitlist. If you have a new project, please continue to submit an interest form to secure a place on the waitlist.