Since program launch in 2018, OR-MEP has allocated $12.7 million in incentives. The program reached a new milestone in 2020 with so many incentives reserved that it had to implement waitlists for both Pacific Power and Portland General Electric incentive funds. Of the enrolled projects, 70% are new construction and 30% are existing buildings.

2020 Resources Recap

  • Program Funding Availability Web Page: OR-MEP added a program funding availability page to the website where participants can stay up to date on the latest funding availability for projects in Pacific Power and Portland General Electric service territories.
  • Case Studies: The team created six case studies to highlight projects that received OR-MEP funding. The case studies include both new construction and existing building projects. View the case studies to learn about how these projects used OR-MEP incentives to make energy efficiency upgrades.
  • Resident Education Resources: The OR-MEP team developed a series of resident education pieces for property managers to implement at their properties to help residents better understand and reduce energy use. These resources are designed to raise awareness about energy efficiency in a practical and relatable format and can be downloaded from the OR-MEP website.

Project Completions

Numerous OR-MEP funded projects reached completion in 2020. View the first five completed projects here and see the most recent February 2021 completions here.

Looking Ahead

OR-MEP will continue to serve as a resource to projects and properties. Numerous trainings are currently in development for 2021. Additionally, look out for more case studies from recently completed projects, new resident education resources, and more.

Email or call us at 503.505.6787 with any questions about the program.