The OR-MEP team developed a series of resident education pieces for property managers to implement at their properties to help residents understand and reduce their energy use. These resources are designed to raise awareness about energy efficiency in a practical and relatable format.

The Savings That Count fact sheet provides an apartment layout residents can explore to discover opportunitites to save energy and money. The fact sheet calls out specific areas in the apartment with simple actions residents can take to reduce energy use, including:

  • Lighting: Installing LED bulbs and turning them off when not in use can save on your monthly electric bill
  • Laundry: Wait for a full load of laundry to run a cycle and wash with cold water. By doing so you’ll save energy on water heating and machine operation and reduce water use
  • Cooking: Avoid using the oven during warmer months and cook in large batches

Explore the apartment layout to discover additional energy saving tips residents can implement.

Download the Savings That Count fact sheet today (available in English and Spanish)!