Special Director’s Message
Oregon Housing and Community Services (OHCS) is committed to combating white supremacy and to dismantling structural racism. Read the special June 3rd Director’s Message here.

OR-MEP Statement
The Oregon Multifamily Energy Program (OR-MEP) stands in solidarity with Black communities – in Oregon and across the nation – in the fight against racial injustice and police brutality. Being neutral, color-blind, or “not racist” is not enough.  We commit to being actively anti-racist.  We are committed to doing our part to disrupt entrenched systems that perpetuate racial inequality, within the energy industry and beyond. We stand with the diverse communities we serve and their rights to be respected, safely housed, and secure environmental justice.

We are taking a hard look at all aspects of the program to make sure we don’t miss any opportunity to make purposeful change to advance racial justice. We look forward to engaging you in conversations about what OR-MEP can do better to support people and communities of color. Please reach out to us with any ideas you have. We commit to being transparent about how we are promoting racial equity in our program, the funds we allocate, and the outcomes we achieve.