As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic and Governor Kate Brown’s Stay Home, Save Lives Executive Order, more Oregonians are now spending most of their time at home. This change in daily life will likely increase household energy use for many Oregonians. The OR-MEP team compiled the following tips and resources to help you and your residents keep energy bills manageable, while staying comfortable and safe while the stay-at-home order is in effect.

Program Your Thermostat
Set your thermostat at a temperature that allows your household to remain comfortable, while conserving energy. If you are able, consider lowering your thermostat by a few degrees when heating, or raising it a few degrees when cooling. Industry experts recommend keeping temperatures at 68 °F when home and awake, and 58°F when away or sleeping.

Let the Sun In
With the onset of springtime and more sunny days in Oregon, consider naturally heating your home by opening the blinds and letting the sun in.  

Lower the Brightness
Opening the blinds allows for more sunlight in your household. Also consider whether your TV screens, computers, and mobile phones need to be set at full brightness. Lowering the brightness on these devices is an easy way to save energy.

Unplug Devices
Devices use electricity even when they are not actively on. In order to reduce electricity use, consider unplugging devices when you are not using them. Walk around your home and identify any devices you can unplug.

Utilize a Power Strip
Have numerous electronics you’re using during the day? Plug all the electronics and devices into one power strip. Once you are finished using them, you can easily switch the power strip off.

These are some initial tips to save energy at home. Learn more ways to save with the following resources: