Spring is the ideal time to make sure your property is running smoothly before summer. There are multiple ways to prepare your property and residents for the summer heat.

Try these energy saving tips:

  • Clean Filters: Buildup on heating, ventilation, and cooling filters is common throughout the winter season. To ensure they are functioning properly, clean out or replace your filters. This will help your system function more efficiently and your residents to breathe easy.    
  • Adjust Thermostats: Encourage residents to check their thermostat settings and lower their thermostats by a few degrees to account for warmer weather. Be sure to do the same for any thermostats serving common areas at your property.
  • Seal Drafts: Seal up drafty areas of your property with the appropriate weather stripping. This will allow for hot air to stay outside and cold air to stay indoors all summer long.
  • Reset Lights: As the days become longer, reset your automatic lights to turn on later in the day, after dusk.

Taking the time to implement these small changes at your property can result in energy savings. Spring into the season with a property that is ready to take on the summer! Interested in more comprehensive upgrade opportunities? Connect with an energy advisor at OR-MEP who can walk you through our incentive offerings, or complete an interest form for a project you’re considering.