OR-MEP encourages you to keep up to date on energy efficiency programs that your project may benefit from. This month, we want to share two updates, one from ENERGY STAR and the other from Enterprise Green Communities.

ENERGY STAR Multifamily New Construction Program

ENERGY STAR Multifamily New Construction (MFNC) program launched in early 2019. Buildings that obtain an ENERGY STAR certification tend to have lower operating costs, are more marketable, and have increased asset value. As of January 21, 2021, multifamily buildings with three or more units permitted will only be able to earn ENERGY STAR certification under Revision 01 of the ENERGY STAR MFNC program. These buildings will no longer be permitted through the Certified Homes or Multifamily High Rise programs.

Additionally, under the new MFNC program, the builder or developer will be responsible for meeting the National Water Management System Requirements. These requirements are designed to improve building moisture control and include specifications for water-managed site and foundation, wall assembly, roof assembly, and building materials.

For more information on how to earn a certification under the ENERGY STAR MFNC program and for additional program updates, visit the certification process page.

2020 Enterprise Green Communities Criteria Launch

Enterprise Green Communities is a nonprofit that helps make well-designed homes affordable, in addition to helping developers, investors, builders, and policymakers promote and build green affordable housing. Enterprise Green Communities recently published its 2020 program criteria, aimed at climate-resilient, zero-emissions, and healthy affordable homes.

New components of the criteria include the “Path to Zero” emissions elimination strategy for multifamily housing, and provisions aimed at protecting vulnerable communities in the event of natural disasters.

Reference the digital format of the 2020 Enterprise Green Communities Criteria to learn more and review all new components of the criteria.