The first round of Oregon Housing & Community Services (OHCS) Notice of Funding Availabilities (NOFAs) are live and can be accessed online. New this year, in order to apply for NOFA funding, OHCS requires applicants to submit a pre-application by March 6. You can read more about the new requirement online. On March 13, OHCS will provide summary level information about pre-applications to applicants. Full NOFA applications are then due April 24.

Take advantage of the Oregon Multifamily Energy Program (OR-MEP) Express for NOFA Projects pilot that launched in January 2020. Eligible projects include projects applying for OR-MEP Menu and Bundled Path and an upcoming NOFA (from OHCS or other sources). OR-MEP application packages are due April 3, three weeks prior to the NOFA application deadline.

Projects that are applying for a NOFA and interested in OR-MEP’s Whole Building Path should apply during the NOFA application stage using this process:

  1. Select the Bundled Path and choose bundled measures the project is likely to pursue in order to secure a tentative incentive with the least amount of effort.
  2. Once NOFA funding awards are announced, Bundled Path projects can change over to the Whole Building Path, if desired and funding permits, while finalizing design to maximize energy efficiency and program incentives.

The complete application package and scope of work must be submitted to OR-MEP staff 21 days prior to the NOFA application deadline in order to participate in OR-MEP Express. For more information, email us, call us at 503.505.6787, or view the online OR-MEP Express fact sheet.