Don’t let the winter blues chill your residents this year. Prepare your property for the changing season by implementing these simple, no- to low-cost tips to help residents stay warm while keeping heating costs low.

Insulate Windows

Encourage residents to use curtains or blinds to cover their windows to keep cold out when the sun isn’t shining and open them to let the warmth of the sun in when it’s bright out. For increased comfort, consider replacing window screens with storm windows.

Reduce Drafts

Seal window frames and unused electric outlets with sealant or foam tape. Install window film over windows for additional draft protection.

Door Sweeps

Install door sweeps or use draft stoppers to keep unwanted drafts from entering units through gaps under doors.

Remove or Cover Window Air Conditioners

Removing a window AC unit can help reduce drafts. If residents are unable to remove their portable unit, encourage them to cover their units to block cold air.

Program Thermostats

Provide residents with the resources to properly program their thermostat to reduce heating costs. During the colder months, encourage residents to set their thermostat at 68 degrees when they are home and 65 degrees while they are away or sleeping to help reduce energy costs.  

Small changes can add up to large savings when you prepare your property and educate your residents about how they can lower their energy bills while staying warm all winter long.