OR-MEP Role:
Outreach Coordinator

What motivates you in this role?
I am motivated because this program can make life a little bit easier for people. And to know that our work will affect generations of residents in each of the buildings we serve drives that motivation even higher.

What excites you most about the Multifamily Energy Program?
The impact our projects have excite me. The work that we support improves financial security for individuals and families, it encourages cleaner air and (hopefully!) acts to reverse rapid climate change. It also reduces costs to building owners and managers over the life of a property. I can’t say that the work I’ve done in the past has ever held this much value. That excites me most about the Oregon Multifamily Energy Program.

What is one fun fact about you that you think people would love to know?
If money was no object, I would love to start a film and TV production company with a few of my closest friends. I would be one of the main screenwriters for that company.

What is your favorite place that you’ve traveled to in Oregon?
This is so hard to answer! But if I had to choose one place, I would have to choose a region. Southwestern Oregon is a gem. Everywhere you go, you find one spectacular view after another.  Crater Lake National Park, the Klamath Basin, and the Rogue and Applegate Valleys are some of my favorites and all have a piece of my heart. Tall mountains and narrow valleys are essential ingredients in landscapes I love.