In 2017, Enterprise Community Partners released its Opportunity360 Toolkit, which includes the Opportunity360 Measurement Tool. This powerful mapping tool allows you to enter an address and create a report for any neighborhood to find out: What are the pathways to opportunity? And what are the outcomes when opportunity is within reach?

Opportunity360 is a web-based tool that combines over 150 public and proprietary data sources to measure opportunity at the neighborhood level. Harvard University’s Data-Smart City Solutions described the tool as “more than a white paper or a data-visualization platform, Opportunity360 is at its heart a diagnostic tool, revealing not only the symptoms of unequal development, but also the underlying conditions that shape it.”

The Opportunity360 Measurement Report offers a wide range of data about the opportunity pathways and outcomes of a neighborhood, helping to quickly identify its assets and challenges. Opportunity360 can be used to:

  • Benchmark neighborhood conditions at project start;
  • Monitor and contextualize neighborhood conditions over time;
  • Make the case for a comprehensive investment strategy; and
  • Align investments with strategy through portfolio assessments.

Opportunity360 defines and measures opportunity based on the following five criteria:

opportunity outcomes

Figure 1: Opportunity360 Foundational Criteria

According to Opportunity360, “When people have access to the essential foundations of opportunity, including affordable housing, jobs, good schools and transit, then everyone has a chance to succeed – no matter where they’re starting from. The information provided by each neighborhood-level report can help us all better understand how to ensure communities are inclusive, equitable and thriving.”

The Opportunity360 Measurement Report provides comprehensive information to determine where action is most needed and where established programs and policies have been most successful in any neighborhood in the country.

what opportunity looks like

housing stability

Figure 2: Measurement Report Example – Beaverton, OR

In addition to the Measurement tool, the complete Opportunity360 Toolkit includes resources such as community engagement, a portal to search programs and services in your area, and measurement tools.

Learn more about the complete Opportunity360 Toolkit and its comprehensive resources:

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