Since launching the program in January 2018, we’ve had steady activity thanks to all of the great program participants who are committed to implementing energy efficiency measures in their buildings.



To learn about your experience with the program, we recently conducted a survey of those currently utilizing OR-MEP funds. Thank you to those who participated. We will continue welcome your thoughts on the program, the participation process, offerings, and other feedback – please feel free to contact program staff anytime. Following are the key findings from that survey along with our next steps on your feedback:

other measures requested

We asked for your feedback about other measures you would like to see the program incentivize. We received insightful feedback reflected in the above chart. Due to current funding restrictions, the program cannot currently serve renewable or gas measures.  We instead encourage projects to seek incentives for renewable and gas measures through Energy Trust of Oregon. Lastly, the idea for adding high performance pilots as a program offering was much appreciated – we hope to offer this in the future.

preferred training formats

We asked about your preferred training format because we hosted twelve trainings in a variety of formats in the last year. The chart shows the variety of formats that our partners find helpful. Stay tuned for our upcoming training series launching soon, which will include both on-demand and webinar formats.