Wednesday, July 18, 2018  | 12PM – 1PM

This was the first in a series of free webinar trainings, brought to you by the OHCS Multifamily Energy Program (OR-MEP).

Everyone in the construction decision making chain influences the energy efficiency, quality, and cost of any new construction or existing building retrofit project. This training will focus on connecting developers, property owners, architects, engineers, and energy consultants, to shift a portion of technical support to the pre-construction timeframe to improve the process for achieving the energy targets necessary to secure OR-MEP incentives. We’ll discuss the value propositions and key steps toward an integrated design process.

To view condensed training segments, the full training or PDF follow these links:

Training Segments 

Intentional Design – Intentional Design Defined

Intentional Design – Anatomy of Pre-Constriction Meetings

Intentional Design – The Right People

Intentional Design – Scope Development

Full Training

Intentional Design – Full Training


Intentional Design – Full Training PDF