The Oregon Multifamily Energy Program (OR-MEP) has maintained a project waitlist since the program reached funding availability limits at the end of 2020. The following blog post is an update on the status of the waitlist and what to expect next.

Status of the OR-MEP Waitlist

The volume of projects has grown significantly since the OR-MEP waitlist began in 2020. As currently forecasted, there are more projects on the waitlist than OR-MEP funding will be able to serve. OR-MEP is committed to equitably serving the people of Oregon, and we are working closely with the recently established OR-MEP Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Coalition to build a framework for prioritizing projects going forward, including those currently on the waitlist.

Based on the new framework created by the DEI Coalition, OR-MEP will establish a process to serve projects more equitably and make the program more accessible to customers with the greatest need. We cannot guarantee that we are able to serve all projects on the waitlist, so the new process will help us evaluate and prioritize projects to make the greatest positive impact.

What’s Next

We encourage all interested projects to submit an interest form to join the waitlist. By October/November 2022, OR-MEP plans to provide the new program framework for public comment.

Once the framework is finalized, the OR-MEP team will reach out to all waitlisted projects to gather additional information. We anticipate that within 60 days of the release for public comment, we will start serving waitlisted projects in batches.

We will continue to share updates on waitlist next steps. If you have any questions or feedback, please contact the program team at or (503) 505-6787.